Marshall by BTH

Before talking about technology, we must first learn from the very essence of modern music. And this substance, who else than Marshall can distill it? Jim Marshall being considered as one of the fathers of sound, how can we not trust the offer offered by the brand of which he was the founder.

An historic brand

Emeritus drummer and owner of an instrument store, he was the one to whom legendary guitarists turned to make amps that would allow them to be heard more than just drums. The Marshall sound has a story and a DNA, that of a powerful, imposing, snoring sound.

So, as all Bordeaux Tasting Holiday accommodations aim to preserve their historical values, we had to choose one of the most important brands in the history of music.

A unique look

Forget the speakers with the look of a spaceship or an art deco furniture catalogue, with a Marshall speaker you go back to the source. The vintage look is on the rise and what could be better than to find in their speakers the design of the amps and preamplifiers of the greatest rock bands?

A sturdy structure and a luxurious casing: black and brown tones combined with gold riveting and a gold control panel. It's already a very classy object. Forget the touch buttons and let's go back to the analog treble and bass buttons, the retro switches. Before you even talk about performance, you will be amazed by their vintage look!

Embedded technology

To offer a speaker with a vintage look, but also to offer you a high-tech product; this is the brand's promise with the possibility of connection via jack plug, ideal and ergonomic, compatible with all devices as old as modern. It is just as natural that you will choose the Bluetooth connection, thanks to an easy and fast pairing.

The Marshall sound

Finally, let's end with the most important thing finally: sound! Imagine a speaker on which you have an incredible advantage: the ability to manually adjust treble and bass. The trebles will play with all their crystal clarity to make you experience the sound of each instrument, while the basses will fill the space and make your lungs vibrate!