Experience a Jacuzzi spa in Bordeaux

The choice JACUZZI

Bordeaux Tasting Holiday has selected for you the most iconic brand in the Wellness sector, in order to guarantee you a level of excellence that satisfies all your requirements in terms of relaxation and unwinding.

Relaxation and resting experience certified with the Jacuzzi® Original Wellness Hotel label.

Only 3 addresses in Bordeaux benefit from it!

Renowned for their performance, reliability and simplicity of use, the ideal hydromassage is not determined by the number of jets in the spa, but by their quality derived from the perfect mixture of air and water they propel, as well as their specific position in order to obtain a targeted massage on certain parts of the body. That's why Jacuzzi is recognized by consumers and professional athletes as the world leader in hydromassage.

Professional product at your disposal

By staying in one of our BTH accommodations, you have free access to our professional spa, allowing you to enjoy an exceptional Wellness experience for the most effective massage promise available.

Thanks to its advanced professional filtration system, this spa is a reference in terms of quiet operation and cleanliness for pure water at all times.

Evacuate stress, relieve your back, fight insomnia, speed up physical recovery, reduce cramps and soothe your arthritis or fibromyalgia pains by taking advantage of this exclusive extra for no additional cost.

In detail

Put on the comfortable bathrobes, take a few steps to reach the spa and...enjoy!

Access is easy and safe thanks to the wide edge that can also be used as an entrance platform, the differentiated height seats that serve as steps and the non-slip bottom.

The control panel is simple and intuitive even in the dark, thanks to a backlit display.

The seats are strategically positioned, the jets that equip them offer you a unique feeling depending on the place, while the deep immersion ensures total relaxation of body and mind.

The reclining seat offers you the experience of total immersion, combining powerful and targeted massage jets on the deep tissues of the neck, spine and hips, as well as more delicate jets for a complete relaxation of the rest of your body. Everything is adjustable according to your convenience.

The foot reflexology experience is based on the presence of jets whose orientation and intensity can be regulated for an individualized massage.

Submerged chromotherapy lighting will allow you to create the perfect mood for every occasion; the rainbow of emotions promises you a special atmosphere and splendid comfort with the various "Rainbow Total Wellness", "Sunlight Energizing" and "Relaxing" programs.

  • A romantic atmosphere and a relaxing effect guaranteed in the winter season in particular: a silky fog lights up above the spa, which remains heated to 38 degrees!

An easily handled thermal cover prevents any heat dispersion between two uses, allowing you to enjoy hot water in complete peace of mind all year round. It also makes it possible to secure the spa in your absence, in case of the presence of children nearby.